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DATAWORLD TECHNOLOGY INTERNATIONAL PTE LTD is the leading strategic supplier of mass storage devices in the South East Asia region. Our products integrates the leading edge RAID Technology to deliver value-added storage solutions.

Our high performance Fibre, SCSI, SAS, PCIe, eSATA, iSCSI, NAS Raid Subsystems offers advanced features and functionality in protecting important data – meeting the ever increasing demand for larger capacities while providing increased performance required for data availab ility applications.

The Fibre, SCSI, SAS, PCIe, eSATA, iSCSI, NAS Raid Subsystem offers a user-friendly and cost-effective Raid solution. These Raid Subsystems can be used in many areas such as in new network projects for critical business data, and in existing network projects which seeks additional storage space and data protection.

The Raid Subsystem can also be used for Audio & Video solutions, Voice Message, CCTV Storage Solutions, Clustering and SAN (Storage Area Networks) Solutions.


• To distribute high-performance, user-friendly, super affordable RAID solution

• To satisfy users who demand exacting performance and data protection