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ExaSAN Kit 1 - W4
ExaSAN PCIe Solution for W4

Arena ExaSAN solution is built upon an innovative and advanced architecture to provide maximum flexibility with unrivaled speed. The potential and advantage of the higher performance and lower cost over the traditional fiber SAN solution make the PCIe technology the most affordable and cost-effective choice in the IT market. Arena ExaSAN solution provides all you need to build a small, middle range or enterprise SAN environment, including ExaRAID HD SA-8808D RAID storages, ExaSAN Device Switch (SW-2308S) / ExaSAN Host Switch (SW-2208S), PCIe HBAs, cabling and accessories. Without having to use components from third-party providers, Arena design, verify and manufacture every component in this PCIe SAN to ensure the consistency and quality of Arena products and the technical supports for these products can all be done immediately with Arena.


Sustained Performance- Seamless task execution on applications Unlike traditional external storage like Fiber Channel, SAS, eSATA or SCSI, MaxTronic ExaSAN solutions use native PCI-Express protocol. The goal is to avoid protocol codec/ decode translations. Benefits are reducing any unnecessary overhead and resulting the fastest speed that a modern host computer can deliver. In addition, the data and command exchanged in a more efficiency way by directing memory access or DMA between the system memory and buffer memory on the controller. Because that the ability to reduce overhead and to provide higher bandwidth, the ExaSAN solution can be a much more suitable solution than the traditional expensive Fiber Channel solution, for performance demanding applications.

Storage Sharing - Multiple clients editing on heavy loading environment

MaxTronic's unique and world leading ExaSAN technology supports multiple host connection, multiple storage connection and high scalability of the SAN characteristic. It's fully compatible with MacPro, Mac OS X Server, Windows and PC servers. MaxTronic ExaSAN is not only working seamlessly with Apple Xsan 2 but also improving the performance and reliability of the application. The high-performance ExaSAN can support multiple uncompressed high definition video streams with no frame drops, and provide large and scalable capacity demands for high definition video in media broadcasting or movie industries with multi user support.
W4 Configuration Package Kit

- ExaRAID HD (SA-8808D) * 1
- PCIe NT re-drive HBA card * 4, infiniband
- PCIe Host Switch (SW-2208S) * 1, 6 ports
- PCIe Device Switch (SW-2308S) * 1, 7 ports,
- PCIe x8 Switch cable * (Copper 2M) * 1
- PCIe x4 Host cable (Optical 30m) * 4
- PCIe x4 Device cable (Copper 2M )* 2

* Specifications and product offerings may vary without notice.