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ARAID -5030 (IDE/SATA-to-SATA ll Subsystem)

The Internal RAID Subsystem features a IDE/SATA host attachment and SATA device attachment. Each system model allow one HDD failures without impact on the existing data and failed drive rebuild is transparent to the host. Environmental information is is accessible to either via the control panel or through serial port. The RAID controller is most cost-effective SATA disk drive array subsystem with completely integrated high performance and data protection capabilities, which are easily integrated into servers and workstations. It can also meet the rapidly growing demand from the Small to Medium Enterprise and SOHO market.  


ARAID -5030 (IDE/SATA-to-SATA ll Subsystem)  
System Architecture  
Intel FW80219 400 MHz I/O processor .
256 MB on-board DDR200 SDRAM with ECC protection .
Marvell 8 channels SATA ll controller .
ASIC to support extreme performance RAID6 function .
NVRAM for RAID event & transaction log .
Write-though or write-back cache support .
Firmware in Flash ROM for easy upgrades .
RoHS Compliant .
RAID Features  
RAID level 0, 1, 10(1E), 3, 5, 6 and JBOD .
Multiple RAID selection  .
Array roaming  .
Online RAID level/stripe size migration .
Online RAID capacity expansion and RAID level migration simultaneously  .
Online Dynamic Volume set capacity expansion  .
Automatically insertion/removal detection and rebuild .
Greater than 2TB per volume set .
Instant availability and background initialization .
Support S.M.A.R.T NCQ, and OOB staggered spin-up capable drives  .
Disk Bus Interface    
SATA ll Compatible -3.0 Gbps(300MB/Sec)  
Host Connectivity  
Dual ATA interface-Ultra ATA/133 & Serial ATA 1.0 .
Ultra ATA/133 compatible; Transfer rate up to 133MB/sec .
Environment and driver failure indication through LCD, LED and alarm buzzer .
Push Buttons and LCD Display Panel for setup and configuration (option) .
5 drive LED indicators and 3 environment LED indicators .
System Status indication through LCD, LED and alarm buzzer .
RAID Management  
Bootable CD VT-100 utility for X86-based system initialization .
Field-upgradeable firmware in flash ROM via RS-232 port .
Web browser-based RAID management via ArcHttp Proxy through RS-232 port for Windows, Linux and FreeBSD enviroment .
Firmware-embedded manager via RS-232 port (plaform independnet)   Firmware-embedded Browser-based RAID manager, SMTP manager, SNMP agent, and Telnet function via Ethernet port   Support controller's API library for customer to write its own AP


User Manual: Download
DR-5030 Datasheet