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Advanced ONE-STEP installation & operation

The Araid 3500/S3500 is non-stop and disk hot-swappable disk array subsystems for mission critical servers and personal computers with state-of-the-art real-time data backup and off-line data backup subsystems. This disk array contents high speed ASIC & CPU, RAM & ROM. Araid operates in a multi-user and multi-task environment with near-zero overhead ensuring RAID 1 data integrity by writing data to two hard disks concurrently. Should any hard disk fail, there is always a real-time backup on the other survival drive. Araid enables user to replace the failed hard disk while PC is operating and rebuilds all contents to a new hard disk automatically, no manually setup is required.

When Araid 3500 set as Raid 0 mode, hard disk capacity may multiply to approximately 4Tera Byte. ARAID S3500 can enable hard drive`s Security feature which can prevent any data disclosed.   wo hard disks work concurrently. When one disk fails, you always have a 100% data backup on the other healthy drive.

Installation and disk replacement takes minimal time. System has zero down time because PC keeps working while replacing a new hard disk. Business never down by a fail drive. Grandfather-Father-Son Periodical off-line backup method makes virus removal or recovery easy and quick. When PC fails, shortest system restore time guarantee. External Araid T3500/TS3500 model takes only a few seconds to switch to another computer.

Araid is the fastest, most reliable and cost effective RAID storage and performance solution for daily computer operation. Secure Araid S3500 makes hard disk data has one more safe & secure protection. Optional with IDE or SCSI Bridge interface, to lower the risk of finding hard disk. Functions Araid 3500/S3500 is a real-time backup, fault tolerant storage subsystem with online disk hot-swap capability (RAID 1). Support standard SATA II Host Interface and Hard Disk. Built-in with LCD display, LED indicator, Human Interface Processor and 6cm powerful fan inside. Araid 3500/S3500 requires no device driver or interface card to install hard disk and operate Araid in just one single step, no other setting is required. PC keeps working while replacing a new hard disk and new hard disk rebuilding status displays in the LCD panel. Local management Monitor software (Administrator can view real-time FAN & temperature status, disk array situation, receive alert notification). RAID Management Araid SNMP Agent for Windows or Linux can support such HP, IBM, etc. standard network management features. Easy Installation & Operation The ARAID 3500/S3500 requires no device driver or interface card to install and is compatible to all popular operating systems. After detecting by the PC BIOS as a single hard disk, this ARAID 3500/S3500 can be used right away. Hard disks good/bad, read/write status will be showed by LCD & LED in real-time. Any hard disk has failure, buzzer will automatic make alarm sound to warning. The administrator has to turn off the buzzer switch manually and find out the problem(s).


PC Host Interface SATA II (3.0Gbps). Support SATA I (1.5Gbps). (Optional: IDE or SCSI Bridge)
Hard Disk Interface SATA II (3.0Gbps)
RAID Mode RAID 1 or RAID 0
Requires No Driver/Add-on Card Yes
Failed HDD Hot-Swap & New HDD Auto-Rebuild Yes, allows user to replace hard disk while PC is operating.
Mirror on Demand switch Manual Disk Rebuild function. Standby hard disk provide anti-virus and file mishandling recovery capability.
Front Panel LCD Displays status of disks, including Fan, Temperature, and Rebuilding Percentage(%) status.
LED Indicator Yes, shows hard disk READ or WRITE status.
Hard Disk Fail Alert LCD, LED, Buzzer, Email and SNMP Trap notifications.
O.S. Support Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2008/2003/2000/NT4.0, ME/98/95, 3.11, DOS 6.22, LINUX, SCO Unix, Free BSD,NetWare, Solaris, Mac OS, IBM OS/2, etc.* O.S. needs to support when Total HDD Capacity is over 2TB.(ex: Windows XP 64 bit and Win 7)
Built-in Powerful Fan Yes, Powerful 6cm Fan. Good for 7200 rpm HDD.
Space Required & Dimension Two free 5.25" drive bays. 195mm(D) x 146mm(W) x 86mm(H)
Connectors RS-232 x 1 and USB UART x 1.
Local Management AraidEye Utility for Windows and AraidEye for Linux(optional). SNMP Agent for Windows or Linux.
SNMP Management (optional) SNMP Agent for Windows or Linux. Provide Araid MIB, MIB II, and Traps
Weight Approximately


User Manual: Download
DR-3500 Datasheet